(Paul RW Anthony / Images in Stone)

A Stone Carver's Transition
After 37 years of creating mosaics, intarsias, bas-reliefs of marble, limestone and other fine materials, I have chosen to "play" with paint.

Inspired by a painting of ....

A piano player lived at the beginning of the Blues Era in New Orleans approximately 1900.

This was an original LAPD mug shot from around 1923. Wise Ass was wearing a snood, and obviously not taking the police interrogater seriously.

This African Bush Lady was photographed filling her carrying gourd in a cave somewhere in southern Africa sometime yesterday.

This old Geezer has just come home carting an Idaho deer carcass home to Mama.

This is a study of a young mother is a precursor to a larger painting that will include her baby on her hip.

This I call "Purple Prayer."

When i first touched my brush into oil paint, I knew it was for me and I immediately painted this rose bud for Aunty and Mom.

Hammond Anthony's work

It is my pleasure to present to you some of the work, which I inherited, from my Uncle Hap.

This Farm House painting exhibits a far eastern influence.

This is for all you Kiddies out there — I hope this is all of us.

Uncle drew this when he was in high school way back there in the late 1920's.

Uncle created this pastel during WWII. The bamboo simulated frame, which is not depicted, started as a pallet.

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